Closing Coach 101

Closing Coach 101

More about my story:

Today, I can say that I have closed over $8million in sales, and the companies that I work with have closed even more to add to that figure… but I definitely didn’t start here…

I sort of “fell” into sales. I was working as a Marketing Director, spending $250k + a month on ad spend, generating hundreds upon hundreds of qualified leads…. But the sales team were struggling to even close a $99 sale …. Crazy right?

No surprise, I was getting screamed at every day by a very angry, persistent Managing Director asking me why the sales weren’t dropping…

So, tears in my eyes and rather fed up… I decided to find out. I managed to access the phone system and pull a load of calls, and so, over the coming months, I tracked and monitored the calls that closed as well as the calls that flopped and tracked the “key success and fail traits” and started to craft out my “magic formula”.

Now, with the managing director getting more and more irate coming to the end of quarter, and more desperate for closes, they decided to do an “all hands on deck” sales day… This was where all staff members (yes…ALL) were to be given a list of numbers and we had to hit a certain cash in bank target at the end of the day….

So I set to it, I’d use my script…

I started off my first couple of calls, nervous and not fully sure of myself, but following what my “data” had told me, and the first few, lovely conversations, but no closes…so I started to push harder…using my script as gospel… I started to close… the $99 sales that we’d been asked to push. I was top of the leaderboard!!

To my surprise, one of the Sales Reps who’d been watching the leaderboard urgently burst into my office, phone to his chest and said

“Emily, can you please help me with this woman, I don’t want to lose the sale” 

Confused and excited, I nodded and we both huddled over the desk and put her on loudspeaker….

I talked through my script and followed the logic with the woman for 36 minutes….and closed a $11,995 sale from an outbound call.

We ended the call and the sales rep, sat back looking confused, “Where did you learn to do that?” he said… “Can you write it down for me?” 

So I did, I tore a page out of my notepad and wrote down the key points to walk through, and to no surprise, he ended the day with the highest cash in bank, and bought me lunch and a bottle of fizz as a thank you…

That was the first time I realised that I might actually ENJOY sales, and even more so, teaching others….

After that I fell into working with a USA client who was hugely struggling with their close rate, losing business left right and center (we actually met on a mastermind). I offered to help them try to close a few deals.. I knew their product and I had my new method that I wanted to see if I could push…  

So I did…. 7 out of the 10 leads they gave me in a week, I closed. The ticket price was $6800…. More proof that my method worked for high ticket sales…. Surely I was into something here…

For a full calendar year I did both, I was closing high ticket sales on the side of my Marketing job, honing my craft, practicing, learning from my mistakes and eventually, I walked out of my job…

Now I help business owners, sales reps and full sales teams to find the right sales fit for them, using my technique and strategies to help them close more leads, in a comfortable, enjoyable way that serves both them and the client. 

I’d love to speak to you if you’re a business owner or sales rep feeling a bit lost when it comes to closing, we can work together to find the best fit for you in terms of support.

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